Dextra Phycisians - A functional health care relationship

At Dextra the right care is based on high-standard expertise, advanced technology and - a personal touch. Confidence and familiarity are necessary for a good health care relationship. With us, you can continue your health care relationship with the same physician, if you wish.


During the appointment, your personal physician will him/herself carry out the following procedures, among others, assisted by our procedures unit: removal of moles, pharmacotherapy (injections into joints), plaster casting, placing of intrauterine devices and removal of sutures. If the procedure requires longer preparation, such as endoscopy of the gastro-intestinal channel or the urinary bladder, a separate appointment will be booked. In this case, the nurses in the procedures unit will give you preparation instructions and any other additional information you may require. Your personal physician will also be in charge of these procedures, as well as potential surgery.

Make an appoitment

You have smooth access to consultation with our physicians without queuing by booking an appointment on our homepage or by telephone 09-5601 6111. More detailed information is available in the Appointments section.

Direct reimbursements for Kela compensations

At Dextra, a direct reimbursement procedure is used for Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) compensations. This means that the customer receives their health insurance compensation upon paying for their visit at Dextra.
The direct reimbursement procedure applies to the following Dextra services: visits to general practitioners, specialists and dentists, laboratory examinations (excluding examination packages), imaging, physiotherapy and hospital services.
A prerequisite for receiving the compensation is that the customer presents a valid Kela card upon payment.